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Arya Play boardmember

Posted 22/12/2018

R.F. Broos joined the board of Arya Play, an Indian game company. Arya Play enables fun and meaningful conversations to understand self and tribes.

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Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

Posted 16/3/2018

Roland Broos expert for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessment with Raad van de Accreditatie.

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Alarm Management NAM

Posted 4/9/2017

Completed alarm management review of southern north sea platforms of Nederlandse Aaardolie Maatscappij (NAM) in The Netherlands.

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Alarm Management for Clipper

Posted 5/1/2015

For the first half year of 2015 , Roland Broos participates in a review team for the improvement of the alarm system of the Clipper platform in the UK sector of the Southern North Sea. Aim of the review is the reduction of the number of nuisance and unnecessary alarms. 

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End of Energy Specialist platform

Posted 31/12/2014

After 10 years of successful cooperation a decision was made to end the ESP partnership.

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Produce The Limit

Posted 24/12/2014

Roland Broos partner with ManEnginius for the delivery of process engineering support in 'Produce the Limit' workshops for OMV.

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Operability Study

Posted 20/11/2014

On behalf of NAM (Nederalndse Aardolie Maatschappij) Roland Broos organized and held operability workshop for the integration and preparation of start-up of 2 new projects at the L9 platform in the Netherlands sector of the NorthSea. One of the new projects is the installation of an educator to reduce back pressure on the existing wells.

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Onegas Alarm Systems

Posted 17/3/2014

RFB Consult started review of the alarm managements sytems of NAM offshore facilities in The Netherlands sector of the North Sea. This work was finished end of year 2014.

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Petrobras Presentation

Posted 20/12/2013

With an FMC team Roland Broos presented the outcome of the offshore gas processing technology study to the Petrobras process engineering management team in Rio de Janeiro.

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CO2 Removal study

Posted 1/12/2012

RFB Consult entered into an agreement with Hint Services B.V. for the execution and management of a study for FMC Technologies. The study’s aim was to develop new gas processing technology including CO2 removal for application at FPSO’s in the Brazilian deepwater offshore.

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